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Landscape Lighting

Welcome to Thompson Home Creations' Landscape Lighting page, where outdoor ambiance takes center stage. Our expertise in landscape lighting design illuminates the beauty of your outdoor spaces. From gentle pathway lighting to striking focal points, our skilled team crafts lighting solutions that enhance aesthetics and safety. Explore our competitive pricing and flexible financing options to transform your outdoor evenings. #'Outdoor Lighting'



>How long will installation take?​ Installation will typically take between 1 & 3 days. The project type, size, and weather are factors in the installation duration. We will set appropriate expectations upfront.  ​ >Will the final cost match the Quote provided? Yes. There are no hidden fees or change orders. If the design is changed, we will discuss any additional charges before proceeding. Note,  over the phone or email estimates prior to visiting may vary from the formal quote once the visit is made.​


Design Ideas

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